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Herndon Town Councilmember Naila Alam

I am proud to endorse Mary for Delegate. She has proven time and time again that she is a hardworking advocate for her community, and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so in the General Assembly. Mary is a person with integrity, and her dedication to improving the lives of those around her is truly inspiring. I believe that Mary will be an effective and trustworthy leader, and I encourage others to support her.

Mary's Endorsements

Donohue copy.jpg
Professor Emeritus George L. Donohue Ph.D.
Systems Engineering and Operations Research 
George Mason University

Mary’s education and professional experience are critically needed in state government today.  In my experience, few individuals possess both her technical credentials and an interest in public policy.  I was a Vice President of the RAND Corp. and an Associate Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. I found that many legislators did not have the technical background to understand the issues confronting the legislation that they were responsible for.  Mary has these skills.  She will be a great asset to both the Virginia House of Delegates and her constituents.

Professor Emerita Dr. Kathryn Laskey
Systems Engineering and Operations Research 
George Mason University

Coping with the complex challenges of our rapidly changing world requires systems thinking, technological expertise, and strong understanding of the interface between technology and policy. Mary is the only candidate who possess all these strengths. Her systems engineering education gives her a big picture view and a deep understanding of existing and newly emerging technologies. Her experience in community service demonstrates a commitment to building stronger, more resilient communities. Mary is a leader who can inspire others to work together to achieve common goals. Our government needs more people like her — strong in science and technology, passionate about making people’s lives better, and able to work with others to make our world a better place.

Nathan Pic.jpg
Reston Resident Nathan Hagan
Naval Architect & Systems Engineer
Former STEM Mentor

I am proud to support Mary as our next Delegate. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary when she was a high school student, as a mentor of her robotics team. She has demonstrated a consistent dedication to making the lives of those around her better through teamwork and use of innovative solutions to remove barriers to valuable resources and create upward mobility. We need to bring modern professionals into our government who can understand how to apply technology to the benefit of existing and emerging problems that affect us all.

IMG_7949-1 (2).jpg
Jason Melendez
Former Local Candidate and Community Advocate

I’m pleased to endorse my friend Mary Barthelson to represent House of Delegates District 7. We cannot understate the importance and value of having a younger voice at the table in Richmond. Mary knocks this out of the park as a Young Democrat and brings a unique perspective as a STEM professional in a field of legislators with largely financial or legal backgrounds. Mary has continued to be involved in her community, especially when it comes to supporting those who have the least and rely on community partners. Mary will be an excellent voice to represent the community that she has called home and I’m committed to supporting her through June and November!

Victoria Pic 2.jpg
Victoria Virasingh
Congressional Candidate & Community Advocate
Julio Juan.jpg
Julio Juan
Founder Delaware Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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